Burn Notice Review: "Dead to Rights"

In the Summer Finale of Burn Notice Michael comes face to face with the last man who burned him, too bad he just framed him and Fiona and has both of them  "Dead to Rights!"

As cliff-hanger finales go, this was near perfect. The overarching story of Michael being burned got more interesting, but the smaller part we have been chasing since Max’s death was wrapped up. Mr. Nix, would you please teach the other shows how it’s supposed to work? 

I was going to say that the Tavien storyline felt like it ended abruptly given that just last week Tavien wanted to talk to Michael so much he kidnapped Sam to make it happen. Yet, when push came to shove, he opted for a swan dive off the parking structure. 

Really??! The man has been a ghost for months, being one step ahead of the Scooby Gang all season, we finally get to learn more about and he punches his own ticket?  Read More...



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