'Wilfred' - 'Identity': Wilfred's will

"Wilfred" ended its first season tonight, and I have a review of the finale (and thoughts on the season as a whole) coming up just as soon as I smell like conniving... 

"Who are you? What are you? Why are you?" -Ryan

When David Zuckerman promised at Comic-Con that "Wilfred" would turn out to have a complicated mythology behind why this dog looked and acted human to Ryan, I figured the season finale would largely be about that. But though it opens up with Ryan again challenging the nature of Wilfred's existence, and ends with a twist - the door to the basement where Ryan and Wilfred hang out actually leads to an ordinary closet - implying that Fienberg's "Fight Club" analogy could be right(*), "Identity" is actually less interested in what Wilfred is than who Ryan is. Read More...



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