Project Runway Review: Can't We Just All Get Along

It's this season's HP challenge and it quickly turned into a nightmare for one team. As our designers were broken up into two teams of five, they had to create their own fabric, design a cohesive collection, and even produce a video to go with it. With all of that, what could've possibly gone wrong?

From the beginning one team came together while the other fell apart. Team Nuts & Bolts was a disaster from the word go and it came as no surprise. It consisted of Bert, Josh M, Laura, Kimberly, and Becky. Add Bert and Josh M to any team and there's going to be trouble.

Bert was actually somewhat well behaved. It was Josh M who fell off the deep end.With his late mother's birthday looming, he became hyper sensitive and his bad attitude affected everyone. Laura tried to rein him in but the damage was already done.   Add to it that their clock inspired print was terribly boring and this team's name should have been Chaos. There were simply too many nuts and not enough bolts holding them together. Read More...


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