Bleach Season 12 Episode 237: Soi Fon, Surrounding The Zanpakutou Review

After the remaining captains have Ichigo explain what he learned in his previous encounter with Muramasa, they bring in Renji, but Renji doesn't know much because his Zanpakutou spirits don't remember anything. Ichigo then goes to visit Rukia who's still recovering, and he knows that she's worried about Byakuya, so he tells her to leave it up to him. Around this time, Ikkaku finds Ichigo and wants to talk with him knowing he was able to have his Zanpakutou submit. Elsewhere in Soul Society, Oomaeda finds some guards knocked out, but before he can investigate, his men get beat up by two Zanpakutou spirits. One of them is his own Zanpakutou, Gegetsuburi. The two start arguing and are about to fight when Ichigo and Ikkaku arrive, and they accidentally knock Oomaeda out in the process. It turns out that the other Zanpakutou spirit is Ikkaku's Hoozukimaru. They look at each other intensely and before they fight, they must first do that. Which is Ikkaku's ridiculuous lucky dance. Both Ichigo and Gegetsuburi look at them with blank expressions, then the two immediately start fighting.

While those two battle, Gegetsuburi turns his sights on Ichigo since Muramasa had told the Zanpakutou spirits earlier that he'd like to capture Ichigo alive. Ichigo, however, is easily able to handle Gegetsuburi and knocks him out. Ikkaku meanwhile has a hard time against his Zanpakutou after Hoozukimaru initiates bankai, and he doesn't want Ichigo's help. He's unable to continue their battle though after Soifon, Ukitake, and Kyouraku suddenly show up with a group of men. As a result, Hoozukimaru creates an explosion around him and escapes during the confusion. The Shinigami are still able to capture Gegetsuburi though, and Ukitake sends him to Kurotsuchi. Ichigo doesn't stick around and instead tries to pursue Hoozukimaru, but he gets stopped when a wave of Senbonzakura's blades come flying at him. Ichigo is able to defend himself by using his own bankai, and afterward, he sees Byakuya standing on a nearby rooftop but then quickly vanishes.

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