Louie Recap: Wave for Me

And so, after a summer replete with baby ducks, suicide threats, and hobo decapitations, we’ve reached the end of Louie’s sophomore year. And thank God. If the core theme of Louie this year has been honesty — about the stark truths we dole out, desire, and exchange like so much currency — then I may as well level with you good people: Louie can be a frustrating show to recap. It’s a 22-minute, linearly experimental comedy that’s as grounded as it is absurdist, with a temporal structure unlike any other show on TV. Without big plot twists to chew over, or "Nikki and Paulo"–style aberrations to bemoan, I sometimes went too micro on the minutiae, and there were times I felt I was simply recycling the same bewildered praise from the week before. Louie’s a great show, but after a while, you just want to hash it out in person, over a few drinks, preferably at a joint far away from Nick DiPaulo. Read More....



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