ROOKIE BLUE “On The Double” & “God’s Good Grace” Review

ROOKIE BLUE "On The Double" & "God’s Good Grace" Season 2 Episode 12 & 13 – The series finale of Rookie Blue is upon us and after such a surprisingly stellar sophomore season for a show which, frankly, I was not at all impressed with in its first year, the back to back ending leaves much to be desired.

It’s unfortunate I feel this way, since I think Rookie Blue was certainly setting up some wonderful storylines: Peck’s stolen identity could have been such a psychological thrill ride instead of just a rote crime of chance; Swarek’s kidnapping should have been far scarier than it was; Andy being driven out to the middle of nowhere…ok…; and the new rookie was introduced so blandly it’s hard to remember what his role was.

There were a few things I really liked about this episode: Andy’s voiceover at the end of the episode as she’s describing the difficulties of searching the house. In fact I wish she’d given a few more tidbits, since it really ramped up the tension. I also loved, at the end of the first episode, Gail’s relationship to Epstein and Diaz, and how she sort of reset their dynamics. Read More...


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