SUITS (USA) “Dog Fight” (Season Finale) Review

SUITS (USA) "Dog Fight" Episode 12 (Season Finale) – Okay I have seriously tried writing the opening sentence for this review three times now and can’t figure out where to begin. Should I start with the ending because it was a shocker or do I talk about what happened before that? Decisions, decisions..

I guess I’ll go in order. Tonight’s episode was mostly about Harvey and his decision to free the man that he put in jail in the first place thanks to the underhanded behavior of his mentor. We all know that Harvey can be a bastard sometimes, but there are a few other things we know about him as well. Things like the fact that he will never break the law and that he’s loyal as a pit bull. We’ve also seen that he will fight for those he cares about and in the past couple episodes we got to see how those he cares about will also fight for him, too. Last week it was the girls, but this time it was Mike’s turn and he even got Trevor to repay the favor he owed Harvey for saving his life. Read More...


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