BURN NOTICE “Dead To Right” (Summer Finale) Review

BURN NOTICE "Dead To Right" Season 5 Episode 12 (Summer Finale) – Boy do I love it when a TV show manages to shock the heck out of me and Burn Notice did that tonight in spades. Judging from what happened last week, I thought maybe we would be watching Michael trying to escape from Pearce throughout this whole episode. So the first surprise came when he’s cleared of Max’s murder within minutes and his one link to it all does a swan dive off of a building.

Just as I wondered what was going to happen next, Larry shows up and I began thinking this episode was going to be all about Michael escaping Larry’s evil clutches. We all knew that guy was nuts but he sure seemed to have taken some extra crazy pills this time around. But just as the smoke clears and we bury Larry (again), who should come out of his hidey hole but the man behind it all – the man who also happens to be Larry’s "kidnapee", who’s apparently been the mastermind of all this nasty business for a very long time, much longer than I ever imagined. Read More...



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