CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM “Larry vs Michael J Fox” Review

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM "Larry vs Michael J Fox" Season 8 Episode 10 – One thing which Curb Your Enthusiasm risks on a pretty frequent basis is the ‘one joke’ premise. The same joke, different variations, is repeated again and again over the course of the episode. The joke in this episode centered around Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s. Thinking he may have annoyed Fox after sssh-ing him in order to listen to his girlfriend Elizabeth’s piano playing, Larry heads up to his apartment to clarify any misunderstanding between them. Fox makes it clear he did not shake his head at him – it was his Parkinson’s acting up. This joke is essentially played out again and again. Fox hands Larry a bottle of Coke. It sprays coke all over the place when opened. Michael J Fox apologises-it was his Parkinson’s. Larry cannot sleep because of Fox’s midnight ruckus. Fox apologises: it was his Parkinson’s. You get the idea. While this was pretty funny (especially the Coke gag), it was not enough to fill in a half hour episode of television. It seems like it was trying to be edgy or confrontational, but it was often just grating and conventional humor. Read More...


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