Aquarion Season 1 Review

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Seven episodes of Aquarion goodness on this release, and for the first five of those The Formula reigns supreme - a day-to-day issue for some of the Deava pilots, followed by the appearance of a Mythic Beast and a combat workout for Aquarion. The first four of them are decent enough, with jealousy, determination and the power of dreams all featuring. The fifth of the set was the one episode here that I found tedious, though, with Reika being the focus of events as her bad fortune seems to be at work again, with Glen, her former partner and one of the Aquarion's original crew, still in a deep coma. Add in the sort of bad mood that only bad weather can produce, and the end result is a deep depression for Reika, which the Commander sees as a problem - she can hardly perform at her best when worried that everything she does will somehow lead to misfortune. Her luck doesn't seem to be getting any better, either, so she eventually decides to leave the Aquarion base, hopefully taking her bad luck with her. As luck would have it, her train encounters a strange phenomenon - one that's already taken a number of children, and now Reika could be the next victim.

Ever since her first appearance in the series, she's been harping on about her alleged "misfortune" and the way that her mere presence seems to bring bad luck up the Aquarion team - it's a subject that I've found annoying since the get-go, as it's really just her feeling sorry for herself and looking to project her own failings onto a curse of some description, so having an entire episode based around her trying to escape her bad luck just rubbed me up the wrong way. On the plus side, I suppose there's a chance now that Reika can move on to being a more positive and useful character, but I'll believe it when I see it.

While most of the 'filler' episodes are enjoyable enough, though, the fun really begins in episode 12, where the show breaks its usual routine to kick off a short 3-episode arc (the third episode is held over for the next volume) that delves into the past, to events in the last war against the Shadow Angels, and to the past lives that Apollo and Silvia have memories of. The trigger to this is an underwater archaeological site that produces an unusual find - a single feather, sealed in amber and dated to have been from around 12,000 years ago. That's unusual in itself, as amber shouldn't be able to properly form in that short a time - so perhaps it's something from the time of the Winged Angels? Commander Fudo's orders for nobody to touch the feather only succeed in piquing Apollo's curiosity, so along with Silvia he breaks into the vault - and together they discover the past. Meanwhile, Toma makes plans for retrieving the feather - and he's not planning to play fair.

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