FRIDAY NIGHT DINNER "The Date" Season 1 Episode 6 – Fresh levels of family-style hell are reached in "The Date," the finale episode of series one of Friday Night Dinner. Most families would be able to pull themselves together and act normal for at least a few hours. But not the Goodmans. Not even close.

When Adam arrives at the house for the usual soiree, Martin is in a suit and tie (fortunately with pants), Jonny is being way too helpful and there’s five places set at the table. Hmm…could someone new be coming over? Why, yes! Because Jackie has arranged a blind date for Adam and invited a childhood friend, Tanya, to dine with the family.

What was she thinking?

There is no answer, of course. No one in this family, with the possible exception of Adam, ever really thinks before they act. Martin is content to burp his way through the meal thanks to the parsley he downed beforehand. Jonny continues to torture his brother by throwing water onto his lap to make it look like he wet his pants. And Jackie is nothing resembling subtle as she excessively compliments Tanya and does everything in her power to push her and Adam together. Read More...


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