HAVEN “Lockdown” Review

HAVEN "Lockdown" Season 2 Episode 9 – After a lot of research, I feel much better equipped to handle reviewing "Lockdown," this week’s episode of Haven. I’ve read up on The Troubles, gone thorough the character histories and I think I get it now. My apologies that I wasn’t able to do this last week.

Nathan might have been relieved of his title, but the Powers That Be haven’t completely fired him; he’s still working at the police station, which is good because that’s where all the trouble (pun intended) starts. A strange disease that causes blackening in the extremities and eventually leads to total vascular necrosis (I’m guessing) is picking off cops, and in the interest of containing the virus, the station is locked down. Conveniently, all of the main characters just happen to be inside, including the very troubled Brandon Walsh (sorry, he can grown all the beard he wants, but he will always be Brandon to me).

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the disease is caused by someone’s Trouble, but discovering who’s responsible for it before everyone turns black and bloody will take a little more detective work. Audrey quickly figures out that one woman, who supposedly came into the station for a building permit, spoke to everyone who’s been infected. And when it’s revealed that she is the victim of an abusive husband who recently tracked her to Haven…it seems Aubrey’s found her Troubled one. Read More...



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