'Bachelor Pad': Erica is a creepy harasser, Michelle and Graham awesomely game the system


Hey, "Bachelor Pad" fans. Sorry about how late this is, I was driving home from getting married when it aired and it's been a busy week! But never fear, here we are for the penultimate episode.Post-EliminationEverybody goes inside as Chris Harrison tells them to pair up because starting tomorrow they compete, win and get voted off as a couple. He also advises to get to know their partner. Blake is immediately smirking at Holly, but she promised Michael - which she should also be happy about because for a "know your partner" competition, Holly would fare better with Michael than Blake.And haha, Blake as the cheese stands alone has to pair up with Erica and she throatily says, "I feel like we should get to know each other." Heh. Erica is like if Melissa ate Kathleen Turner.The couples who aren't actual couples in life are busy scrambling to get to know each other. I really...



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