Big Brother 13: Three Hamsters Left! Who Do You Want to Win It All?

Due to a region wide outage with a certain Internet Service Provider that lasted all night and this morning, I was unable to join in the discussion of last night's shocking, but expected, Big Brother developments. However, that doesn't mean that we can't discuss it now...

So Jordan finally sashayed out of the Big Brother house last night after Porsche (surprisingly) won the Veto Competition and rescued her own behind of the block. Adam didn't have a choice in putting one of the Vets up, but I thought that he could have put up both Rachel and Jordan up for eviction with the chance to backdoor Porsche, which should show you how much faith I had in Porsche winning any other competition in the Big Brother house. Luckily, the cards still came out in favor for Rachel, who has a definite shot at winning this thing. Although, if Adam wakes up and realizes that he's not going to win sitting beside Princess Red Head, he could send Rachel packing if he manages to take the HOH competition by storm (according to Hamster Soup, that's not the case. Adam dropped after 23 minutes while Rachel won the first leg of the competition).

Instead of throwing a huge temper tantrum, Jordan left the game gracefully and for that I am forever thankful. Admitting that she wasn't keen on playing the game again this summer (only doing it for Jeff this time around), Jordan's exit from the Big Brother game was probably the best one yet for me beside Daniele's goodbye message to the house. I know that she's America's Sweetheart, but I also honestly do not feel that America would have given her the prize money again this time around. Just a thought.

Before I poll you guys on who you want to win this season's Big Brother, is it just me or was Jordan's exit interview basically a love affair between Jordan, Julie Chen, and possibly CBS? Kalia didn't even get a decent exit interview with Julie (due to time constraints) and Jordan is given nearly five minutes without a care for time.

So, guys what do you think about the final three? At this point, I can't help but root for Rachel, who has been the equivalent of nails against a chalkboard for me this summer. So why am I siding with the 'enemy?' Simple: she's the most deserving of the remaining three. Despite my utter annoyance of Princess Red Head, the girl is a serious game player and for her to get this close to only lose to Adam, who has not even tried to win competitions until now, will seriously send me up a wall by way of a noose around my neck. He might be a super Big Brother fan, knowing a thing or two about the game through all that studying, but I seriously don't think he's warranted a win. I might be on the minority in that subscription of thought, but I can't shake it. As for Portia, I don't see her winning with either person at her side. Hell, I didn't see her winning if Kalia sat beside her in the final two. Although, if Portia does win this, shock nor surprised would be good enough adjectives to describe my possible mood.

So out of these final three, who do you think will win Big Brother 13? And better yet, who do you think should win?


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