Sora no Woto Season 1 Episode 1 Review: The City at Dawn Episode

Another series that I've been looking forward to for months, the biggest fear that I had for Sora no Woto was that it was going to be K-ON joins the army and it doesn't seem like I was that far off the mark. The series features five girls, in a band (of sorts), ridiculously similar character designs and there's even a girl named Rio. Yeah, I rolled my eyes at the last one too. From moment one, Sora no Woto strives to be something different and yet still manages to trap itself in a pit of moe and comparison. Amazingly though, it still manages to pull itself out of this and create something fun to watch thanks to a great use of tone and pacing.

It's obvious right away that this is a moe series and sadly that will be that for a lot of viewers. Thanks for playing but not what we're looking for, take your parting gifts and get out. That means that it's those who stick with the series for just a few more minutes who are going to find a world slowly being created for them. Filled with beautiful backgrounds, settings and even background characters, the series attempts to overwhelm you with strong scenery and world designs rather than overpower you with cute and adorable. In this respect, the premiere succeeds.

Unfortunately, once you get past the fact that you're watching a series that looks really good all you're left with is a lead character with ADD and a single supporting character that was obviously never enrolled in charm school growing up. While other members of the 1121 platoon do manage to make short appearances throughout, it's the weak leads that get the most time screen time and eventually drag things to a crawl.

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