Frank leaves on his own on Bachelorette because he loves his ex

The Bachelorette Ali did't have to make a decision. She started with three and at the rose ceremony she had two. Frank told Ali that he loves his ex. I was disappointed that Frank don't her this late. Especially after seeing what Justin did. It was a little jerky. He looks bad just like Justin. But I know this was going to happen a few weeks ago. They showed a preview that gave it all away. I knew this whole thing was going to go done. They should have kept it a secret instead of spoiling it with the preview.

Ali was crushed into pieces after Frank told her. She was really falling for him. She was going to pick him for final two. But now, she is in tears. She had a rose ceremony to make sure the two guys really cared for her. The final two now is Roberto and Chris.

With Roberto, she had a romantic overnight date with. The passion was there with the two. They seem to go closer. It's obvious that she really cares for him. I feel this two have been dating for a year and ready for the engagement. With Chris, I still feel like these two need a lot more time. They had chemistry but not as much as with Roberto. I compare these two as dating for a few weeks or even a month. They are not ready for the engagement.

I love these two. Both are my favorites. But I pick Roberto to win Ali over. I see Roberto more chemistry with Ali. She lights up when he is around her.

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