'Doctor Who' - 'The Girl Who Waited': Let the right one in

A review of tonight's "Doctor Who" coming up just as soon as I jettison the karaoke bar... 

"You didn't save me." -Amy

"The Girl Who Waited" was in many ways a very familiar tale, both in terms of the Steven Moffat era of "Doctor Who" and science fiction in general. Moffat has told many stories about characters who have traveled through time the long way while waiting for the Doctor to come back. And practically every sci-fi series at some point or other does an episode featuring an apocalyptic future (or otherwise alternate) version of a main character, usually with a lot of conflict about whether it's okay to erase the alternate from existence in favor of the shinier, happier version we know so well. 

But in spite of those familiar qualities, "The Girl Who Waited" turned out to be a very strong episode - one of my favorite non-Moffat scripts from these two seasons, in fact. Read More...



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