Doctor Who Episode 6.10 "The Girl Who Waited" Review

It wasn't the tearjerker I expected it to be, but "The Girl Who Waited" was a solid standalone episode of Doctor Who. At times, the episode felt very tonally similar to one from the Russell T. Davies era, like the minimalist "Midnight" -- though unlike that episode, it was the Doctor taking the backseat to the action.

No, this episode could have been called "Rory's Choice," just as easily as "The Girl Who Waited," because this episode was all about Rory trying to find his wife while the Doctor remained trapped in the TARDIS because of a disease in the facility that would kill any two-hearted beings. While I won't dwell on why the Doctor didn't just strap on a gas mask and come outside anyway, the episode gave Rory his due focus... and perhaps served as a bit of a swan song. After all, it's long been rumored that Rory and Amy will be leaving the TARDIS at the end of series 6. Having Rory grow disillusioned with the Doctor in the episode seems a set-up, as though his character is being led in one direction: out the TARDIS doors. Read More...


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