Recap: 'True Blood' Season 4 Finale - 'And When I Die'

And so it has come to this: Andy Bellefleur has a more interesting sex life than anybody else on "True Blood" this season, and now the season is ending. Now that Marnie is dead, it’s about time to chisel Russell Edgington out of the cement and start killing off the ancillary characters that keep piling up like plastic Mardi Gras beads.

In the meantime, Antonia is gone, Marnie is living in Lafayette, and Jesus, who is supposed to be a supernatural supersniffer of all things spiritual, can’t figure out that there’s a lady occupying his boyfriend. As we open this episode, Jesus is rethinking his whole magic-chasing lifestyle while Lafayette/Marnie remains silent and stealthy and pretends like he wants to eat some fried eggs. Just when Jesus is about to leave for work, the possessed Lafayette forgets the eggs -- which look magically delicious -- and stabs Jesus in his hand. Read More...


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