Breaking Bad Episode 4.09 "Bug" Review

"Can you cook Walter’s formula?"

That phrase has become a death sentence on this show and the ramifications of the scene it was asked in are going to open yet another chapter in Breaking Bad’s story. For the past three seasons, it has been Jesse and Walt against the world. They may not have been cut from the same cloth initially, but they both realized that protecting the well-being of the other man was as important as protecting their own. But that was then and this is now and now the time of Jesse and Walt being on the same side has seemingly come to an end.

Each and every time that Jesse or Walt had a chance to come clean with each other and didn’t, I felt that this season was going to be very different from the others in the run of the show. By now there has been so much deceit and mistrust going on between the pair that it really feels as though their partnership is irreparable. Watching the scene I felt physically sick to my stomach at the raw ugly emotion on display and that was before Jesse made the first strike. Watch just that scene again and it’s like viewing a theater workshop of a particularly violent play. Pay attention to not only the dialog and the visceral emotion behind every word but also look at how Cranston and Paul move toward and away from each other to highlight that dialog. I’ve watched Jesse get emotionally and mentally torn into by Walt over and over again in the aftermath of Gale’s death and I knew that one day he wasn’t going to take it. But I never really figured it would come down to a fist fight between the two men as much as I figured that one day Walt would need Jesse and find himself without his former partner’s help--Jesse all but begged for Walt’s before the two men were literally at each other’s throats. Read More...


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