Curb Your Enthusiasm Review: Start The Violin Music

This eighth season was billed as Curb Your Enthusiasm coming to New York.  They worked Larry leaving for NYC in so hilariously that I forgave the fact that it took half the season to get him here.  And while I was ready to criticize the season for not having an overarching theme to the ten-episode run, "Larry vs. Michael J. Fox" brought the New York era to an end in such a funny and poetic manner, that I am ready to forgive the uneven season.

Back in "The Vow of Silence" Larry broke down and went to New York because he kept using NYC as an excuse to get out of a charity event.  It was such a fitting ending to the season for him to have to do the same thing in order to get out of Michael J. Fox's charity event in New York.  Only in typical Curb fashion, they threw a perfect curve ball in not sending LD back to L.A., but to Paris, where Leon bought himself a chalupa! Read More...


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