Breaking Bad Recap: No Holds Barred

It’s no wonder Jesse’s favorite show is Ice Road Truckers. He must identify with the rush and fear of cruising along calmly before suddenly spinning out of control, possibly to your death. This frightening episode caroms and skids all over, with a GPS double-cross, a tax audit, a murder by sniper fire, and a series-changing brawl. In the end, it gets marvelously ugly.

Eight episodes ago, this season’s premiere was rife with surveillance, both symbolic and actual: Gale’s fatal bullet wound through the eye and rack of antique cameras, that disembodied teddy bear eyeball, Saul’s manic paranoid search for bugs, and a CSI murder-scene investigation that ended in zoom-in on Gale’s incriminating lab notebook. In the episodes since, Gus has installed security cameras to watch the lab from his laptop, Skyler has cased the car wash, Walt has bugged Gus’s car, Gus’s henchmen Tyrus and Mike have become an extra pair of all-seeing watchdogs, and Hank has turned into a super-investigator Sherlock Holmes, complete with a limp and, in Walt, his own grumbling Dr. Watson. Read More...


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