Spoiler Alert! Which Secret Life Character Has a Long-Lost Brother?

Apparently, The Secret Life of the American Teenager writers were so inspired by Ricky’s long-lost foster brother Ethan that they decided everyone in Grant High should discover a mysterious sib or two. Give a WTF Secret Life welcome to Jacob, Grace’s South African half brother who’s the product of an affair Marshall had before he died in a fiery plane crash! Wait — let’s get this straight: In between lecturing Grace about safe sex and being a doctor, Marshall found...


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Nov 29, 2011 12:56PM EST

This is the most contrived storyline since making Bendrian pregnant as an excuse to get Ramy together! Marshall was portrayed as one of the most honest, faithful characters on the show, and he was very upset when he found out about Kathleen's extra marital tryst when she cheated on George and was constantly telling Grace how important it was to wait to have sex until she was married. Him cheating makes NO SENSE!

Besides, the show already has a character with an established half-brother (who is even around her age, within a year or so): Adrian. It's been stated twice, once in season one and once in season three, that Ruben has a son because he got married and started another family when Adrian was only six-months-old. So why not just introduce Adrian's half brother, which has the possibility for some very interesting family dynamics, instead of screwing up the memory of one of the only respectable adults on the show, postmortem no less!

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