'Bachelor Pad' finale: The Final Four revealed at the final challenge


Here we are, the big finale to "Bachelor Pad 2." Who are you rooting for to win the money? Surprisingly, I think I want Graham and Michelle to win. Their gaming of the Nearlywed Game last week was impressive. Speaking of which, I did finally do a recap (Erica should be locked up) if you want to read it.I was on board with Kirk and Ella, but she won't shut up about her damn kid plus she got all this crazy plastic surgery done after the show taped, which - I hope it was free or you kind of full of crap about doing everything for your son. Post-EliminationChris informs them it's Vegas, baby! Pack your bags! The couples are performing with Cirque du Soleil and being judged based on technical ability, showmanship, effort and chemistry as a couple. Kasey snots, "Vienna and I have the best chemistry here." Oh, do you?The last place couple...



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