'Bachelor Pad' finale: Holly Durst, Michael Stagliano or Michelle Money, Graham Bunn - who won?


We've already recapped the episode portion of the three-hour "Bachelor Pad" finale-palooza. This is our recap of the live reunion show.IntrosHilariously, when they get to Melissa - the audience barely makes a sound. Probably 'cause they're all afraid she'll stab them to death. One of the first things that comes up is Ames running after Jackie's limo. They talk about how they are not together - apparently Ames just decided they weren't right for each other and Jackie spent the summer wondering what she did wrong. Aww. I can see how he maybe didn't handle the break-up super well, he's kind of socially awkward. Ames is trying not to cry when he talks about how much he wanted it to work. Aww.Talk turns to the Vienna/Kasey power couple alliance thing and William hilariously points out they didn't win anything and they aren't sitting at the end. He also calls them out for stabbing everybody in...



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