‘Weeds,’ Season 7, Episode 12, ‘Qualitative Spatial Reasoning’: TV Recap

Is Silas really the competition? (We missed last week, but the long and the short is that Nancy and Silas are splitsville, and the Botwin Family Bud Business is now two, not one).

We open to a clever split-screen shot of Silas and Nancy wandering through Manhattan battling for customers, delivery guys and even business partners. Nancy seems to win most of the fight, including the loyalty of the crazy modeling agent with the penchant for secret underground male model fight club.

Meanwhile, Officer Ouellette gets a Botwin-delivered prize of his own, when Shane offers him time with his estranged stepson. Just when Shane seems to be doing a good thing for the sake of its goodness, Ouellette walks out and the son reveals just how unhappy he is about seeing his stepfather. Shane lays into the ungrateful kid with a police club, and we’re suddenly reminded that Shane once killed someone. Read More...



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