Basketball Wives LA: Everybody Hates Draya (But Me)

Whenever there's a spin-off of any type of show, you immediately start looking for ways to differentiate it from its mothership. You can pay attention to how the cast gels together, the type of ground covered each episode, or the tone of the show as a whole, but there has to be enough of a common link to keep you interested while enough of a new identity to keep the spin-off from being a carbon copy of the original.

Predictably, Basketball Wives: LA shares a lot of qualities with its successful Miami counterpart. You have a group of women, ranging in age from their early 20s to mid 40s, who have at one time been affiliated with professional basketball players. You get to see the extravagant lifestyle that they've grown accustomed to, the continually mutating group dynamics that seemingly change by the minute, and the effect that their relationship with an athlete has had on both their personal and professional lives, which is sometimes not that positive. Read More...


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