'Bachelor Pad' 2 Finale Recap: Winners and (So Many) Losers

It's the season finale of Bachelor Pad, and this one is supersized again, just to go out with a bang! (Like from a gun. Shooting you in the face.) So buckle in for three hours of idiocy as the four remaining couples -- Michelle & Graham, Kasey & Vienna, Kirk & Ella and Michael & Holly -- attempt to sharpen their last shards of dignity into the shape of a sword so as to stab each other in the back for that final prize of $250,000. But at least they'll all walk away with what they really wanted, which was more attention for doing close to nothing.

Riveting stuff -- only the week before the real TV shows start could handle it all! (AND it's happening at the same time as the latest GOP presidential debate, just so you can decide which group of self-serving blowhards you'd rather hear lie to each other's plastic faces. America: We're all about CHOICE!) Read More...



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