Eureka Review: "One Small Step"

The sh!t hit the fan this week as Jack and Henry raced to stop parts of GD (and Eureka) from being melted from exposure to genetically altered bat guano while we took "One Small Step" towards the Astraeus launch.

Pop Quiz! If you live in Eureka, how long would it take you connect an exorbitant amount of poop on your car in the morning, with returning and finding it melting just a couple of hours later? My wife and I put it together in about 45 seconds, (to be fair, I think she got it in about 35 seconds).  

Given how smart Jack is, I find it impossible he wouldn't instantly have thought of the crap he found on car as a possible suspect for it melting. Especially since it happened when Taggart was around.  Read More...


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