Warehouse 13 Review: "Shadows"

"Shadows" didn’t pack the emotional punch "40th floor" did and, while it would be hard to continue that breakneck pace, the drop off to status quo happened a little too quickly.

That’s not to say there wasn’t payoffs for what happened previously, because there definitely was – I’ve just come to expect more from Warehouse 13.

After finding out that Jane was Pete’s mother, it was a bit of a letdown to not see and learn more of her in the flashback. While it was nice and the emotionality was there for why she chose to be a Warehouse Agent/Regent, there was a definite disconnect between the writing and the screen. It could have been due a different actor playing a younger version of Mulgrew’s character.

But more than anything it was due to the rather huge disconnect young Pete and Jane had. While we know the two of them grew increasingly distant after his father’s death and everyone Pete has cared for in the past has left him but, the disconnect happened almost too quickly. Jane does not seem like the type of mother, Warehouse Agent or not, saver of the world or not, to pull away so quickly.



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