Alphas Review: "Blind Spot"

Last month in "Rosetta" I was happy to see Alphas introduce a main adversary in the form of Red Flag. "Blind Spot" wasn’t the best continuation of the mythology laid down then.

While it looks like Red Flag and the Alphas aren’t on such differing sides – well, they never really were it was all about their methodologies – now Dr. Kerns wanted Rosen to believe the enemies the Alphas faced prior were on the fringe, merely radicals compared to the real Red Flag members.

I guess he would have said anything to Rosen to get him on their side or at the very least let him go. But Kerns’ power was awesome, wasn’t it? No optic nerves but he could see using sonar, just like a bat (or a dolphin!). The special effects for it were top notch as well. Watching Rosen’s face reimagined in sonar was awesome to look at. Read More...


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