THE CLOSER “Fresh Pursuit” Review

THE CLOSER "Fresh Pursuit" Season 7 Episode 10 – When a cop is killed whilst on undercover patrol with his partner, the court hearing for the Baylor case is interrupted and Johnson is pulled out to investigate the high profile crime of the death of an officer.

Things took a violent, drastic twist when the suspect Johnson was interviewing pulled out a gun which had been overseen during the preliminary body searches. Johnson’s life might have been in danger except Buzz, watching the moniters, pulled her away and saved her last minute while the suspect, realizing blasting his way out of a police office in broad daylight was on the impossible side, blasted a hole through his head.

It was an interesting scene and once again shows that The Closer is a hair above the quality of other cop shows: if this were on CSI, the ginger fellow would have burst into the interrogation room, tackled the suspect out of his chair, knocking the gun safely aside. But this is not a typical cop show: there are no superheroes on The Closer and Brenda knew, just as everyone else in the division knew with a look at the monitor, that unless the suspect put the gun down, a cop was going to get shot. Read More...


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