Ringer Review & the Character Details You Need to Know

The big draw for the mysteries new CW show Ringer this fall is the return of Sarah Michelle Gellar to episodic television.  It's not a bad thing that the network is pushing her role in the show.  After all, she has a lot of fans from her Buffy days and there's no harm in trying to attract them to Ringer.  But Buffy fans shouldn't expect to see the Slayer in this show.  It's about as different from Buffy as you can get, but that's not a bad thing.

Gellar has dual obligations in this show as both Bridget and Siobhan, identical twins who are estranged when the series begins.  Bridget is a former stripper and drug user who witnessed a murder and is currently under FBI witness protection when the show opens.  Unfortunately, she decides that the threats against her are too great and flees to New York to meet her wealthy sister Siobhan.  When Siobhan disappears and appears to be dead, Bridget makes the snap decision to impersonate her sister and remain safe.  She quickly sets off for Siohan's New York City penthouse and finds Siobhan's husband (Andrew Martin), Siobhan's best friend (Gemma) and Siobhan's secret lover (Henry). Read More...



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