Season 12 Episode 234: Renji Surprised?! The Two Zabimarus Review

As Unohana, Kyouraku, and Ukitake review what's going on, Shuuhei and Renji come face to face with their own Zanpakutou. Renji doesn't even recognize his Zanpakutou at first due to how its human form has two halves, a baboon female and a snake child. They attack him because, as they explain, they heard a voice that told them to follow their instinct. Kazeshini tells Shuuhei the same thing, and he claims that Shuuhei doesn't understand how he wants to reap lives.

Ichigo meanwhile regains consciousness inside of his inner world, and to his surprise, Muramasa is there as well. Muramasa explains that he's able to be there because he's a Zanpakutou, and he goes on to reveal that he killed his former owner. He's now interested in Ichigo's Hollow powers, and when Ichigo tries to attack him, he easily stops Ichigo with a wave of the hand. He then uses his powers to summon Hollow Ichigo out of Ichigo. After figuring out that Hollow Ichigo was the source of Ichigo's earlier power when he fought against Zangetsu, Muramasa introduces himself again and reveals that his power is to awaken Zanpakutou instincts, and he wants to do the same again here. Hollow Ichigo, however, isn't affected and dashes an attack toward Muramasa.

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