'The Lying Game' Recap: 'Over Exposure'

The Lying Game

Good thing Ethan taught two-left-feet Emma how to dance a few episodes back because she's going to need those moves now that it's Homecoming! In a set-up reminiscent of every good (and bad) teen movie, Emma fished around to see if Ethan planned on attending, only to get an unequivocal "no way." But not having had a traditional high school experience, Emma was still dying to go. And, as it turned out, she kinda had to since Sutton had been eyeing a run for Queen since junior high.

Sis Laurel, however, wasn't going to be spinning and twirling at a dance anytime soon, as part of her punishment for "stealing" Sutton's laptop. Out of solidarity, Emma decided she would skip Homecoming too and have a Girls Night with sis. Laurel was surprised but seemed pleased. Sutton's friends, however, didn't take the news as well. "We've been planning your campaign since eighth grade," protested Char. "I'm the Pippa to your Kate."

Homecoming was the furthest thing from Sutton's mind, though. In L.A., the sexual chemistry between her and Thayer was reaching uncomfortable levels. With Sutton strutting around in nothing but a towel, Thayer helped himself to several long, lecherous looks, which culminated in a kiss, much to Sutton's supposed chagrin. That's what you get for prancing around nearly naked, girl! Read More...



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