'Ringer' premiere: Sarah Michelle Gellar's CW thriller pilot lays out seasons' worth of story


If you tune in for The CW's new Sarah Michelle Gellar vehicle, "Ringer," during its Sept. 13 series premiere, you'll want to put down your laundry or whatever your TV-viewing multitask of choice might by. This show is not for the casual viewer. Following Gellar as twins Bridget and Siobhan, both trying to escape their respective pasts, the series kicks off with mistaken identities, faked deaths and mysterious motives. The twists and developments come so furiously, it seems to cram three or four episodes' worth of story into less than an hour. What makes that particularly impressive is that it's a proposed launching pad for years' worth of storytelling. "When we had first pitched the series, we had about three seasons percolating," co-creator Eric Charmelo told Zap2it. "Things happen at a breakneck pace, and we're trying to live up to the bar that was set up by the pilot."Charmelo and co-creator Nicole Snyder say...



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