The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Thank God for Kim

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

This series, despite last week’s shoehorned, closure-aspiring, suicide-addressing, tacked-on introduction, still has Russell Armstrong’s suicide hanging over it like a storm cloud over an old-timey hobo cartoon character’s head. A quick Google search tells me that the character I’m thinking of is named "Joe Btfsplk" from Li’l Abner, but that can’t possibly be true or real.

It looks like, so far, the producers have deleted any visual trace of Russell from the footage, Eternal Sunshine–ily — though Taylor still talks about their marriage, in vague, secretive terms, through tears. What replaces his presence and the stuff they edited out since he took his life had the potential to be one of two things: Either this season was going to be extended whimsical footage of Lisa Vanderpump kissing Giggy on the mouth intercut with Adrienne Maloof and her simian husband bickering about errands, or food, or dogs, or who the fuck else cares; or, they’d find a new character with a bleak arc, but one who doesn't end up with a dead husband, and then pick at her until she crumbles.

Thank God, Kim Richards is here to fill the need for Schadenfreude that burns inside the dark hearts of the franchise's viewers like an electric fireplace in a Ski Lodge bought with new money. Read More...


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