WAREHOUSE 13 Recap: “Shadows”

Hey, WAREHOUSE 13 fans! I’m going to go on record and say this has been my favorite episode so far this season. In "Shadows", we had a good case, some creative artifacts and some character backstory. But those elements are what make up the "usual" WH13 ep. What made this one above average was the way we received answers. If you’re like me, you’ve had a few questions — who was Sally Stukowski working for, how is it that Pete’s mom is a Regent, and, something I’ve been working for a few seasons now… exactly how old IS Mrs. Frederic?

All season long, we’ve seen that the agents, and most recently, the Regents, have been tormented by a mysterious man in a wheelchair. He’s armed himself with artifacts and double-crossing agents (like Stukowski) and taken down Regent after Regent, but we’d never seen his face. I found myself wondering if a baddie from the past (MacPherson, HG Wells, etc) was behind the chair so to speak — but this man seemed more evil than past villains…more likely to kill for practically no reason at all, making him even more dangerous for the warehouse agents and remaining Regents. Read More...



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