The Walking Dead Season 2 Promo Poster Revealed

The Walking Dead had a pretty iconic poster for its first season. Who can forget that image of Rick Grimes riding his horse into the abandoned city of Atlanta?

For the second season's poster, AMC has tried to replicate its success with a poster extremely reminiscent of that yellow one-sheet. The perspective, featuring Rick Grimes running down a dirt road, is similar, though of course key elements of the poster have been changed to make the poster fresh.

The color scheme is largely different, with earthy greens and browns being used in favor of the more urban yellow hue. Of course, the image is much less cluttered, with only a farmhouse in sight on the horizon, unlike the more cluttered cityscape of before. The ominous clouds on the left side of the poster are of course foreboding, but the question here is, are the clouds advancing or receding? Are Rick and his followers escaping the darkness, or is it following them into the countryside? I think we know what the answer is.

The Walking Dead season 2 will premiere on AMC October 16 at 9/8c with the feature-length episode "Miles Behind Us."


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