One Piece Season 10 Episode 426 Recap

The Past and Mysterious Visitor

The episode starts off of 20 years ago. One day, a prisoner named Kinjishi was escaping Impel Down by cutting off his own legs. Magellan with guards went to his cage, shocked that he cut his legs. Going back to the time between Thriller Bark Arc and Sabaody Archipelago Arc, it goes with an large submarine with loads of people inside. A worker announced Shiki called, and the people were shocked. Colt called it and they talked .At the same time, Luffy, Usopp, Chopper, and Brook are fishing and couldn't catch anything. Sanji told them that they shouldn't have a banquet before arriving to the next island. Suddenly, Brook's fishing rod starts sharking. At that same time, Franky notice a large beetle coming at Thousand Sunny. As Brook caught the fish, the large beetle comes right past them. The large beetle then comes back and eats the large fish. Then a girl named Yoko looks at the pirate ship ( Thousand Sunny ). Then Yoko told Boss, the large beetle's name, to kill the Strawhat Pirates. Boss then heads to the ship, and Franky attacks it. But it didn't work for some reason. Luffy went to the top of the sail and battled Boss. Suddenly, Boss inhale and exhaled fire, much like Franky's. Luffy, being OK, rides Boss. Boss went down to the lawn deck and picks up Usopp. Zoro and Sanji grabbed Boss's legs and went to an unknown island, where Yoko was. Boss got his nose stuck on the cliff, while the East Blue team (except Nami) went on ground. Then, Yoko bit Luffy until Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp came up and people came out of the entrance of the cave. Yoko told them that they are pirates, and the people bowed before them, until an old man came out, saying they are the Strawhat Pirates. The people who were surprised, showed them into a maze-like cave.

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