The Secret Circle Trailer: Things Are Getting Seriously Out of Control

Now this is more like it.  My co-worker, Mark, really enjoyed the pilot episode of the new CW series, The Secret Circle (read his review here), but I was a little bit underwhelmed. That being said, I'm more than interested with what I've seen for the show going forward.  I think that The Secret Circle is going to get far more addictive.

Like the trailer below, for instance, which contains many scenes not featured in the pilot.  In fact, it contains a lot of scenes from what looks like episode 2, entitled "Bound", which will air on September 22.  Basically, after Cassie arrives in Chance Harbor and learns that she's a witch and that other teenage witches want her to join their Circle, Cassie wants nothing to do magic.  But she can't stop fate.  Now that the Circle members have been united, their powers are all growing.  Growing out of control, it seems.  The Circle leader, Diana, will want to bind their powers to make sure they don't go crazy, but resident bad girl Faye is delighted about her new powers and just wants to play. Read More...


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