'Ringer' Premiere Recap: Best of 'Pilot'

On this week's premiere episode ofRinger, that empty Sarah Michelle Gellar-sized hole in our hearts is filled with not one but TWO Sarah Michelle Gellars! Twins, mysteries and more start off CW's new fall series, Ringer.

Meet the Sisters

We meet Bridget where I happen to meet a lot of lovely ladies, an AA meeting. We also meet her super hunky strong cup of coffee Malcolm, who is her sponsor.  After their meeting, we find out that Bridget is in a bit of hot water and is supposed to be a key witness in the murder trial of Maccawi, the super scary Native American. 

The head officer watching her is Victor, who is played by Mr. Eyelashes himself, Nestor Carbonell. While being guarded in a hotel, Bridget uses some secret off-screen jiujitsu to knock out a cop and flee to the Hamptons to meet up with her more well-off, but more unfortunately named sister Siobhan (somehow pronounced Shavon).  

They haven't spoken for six years and soon have a nice conversation in a bathroom mirror with each other, all the while I keep hoping for a CGI-filled re-enactment of the Intolerable Cruelty lesbian kiss with two Gellars. Now that would be entertainment! But also incest. Now I'm conflicted. They soon take a nice, quiet green screen boat ride on the water and Bridget wakes up to find Siobhan missing, leaving an empty bottle of pills behind.  Read More...



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