Sons of Anarchy 'Booster' Review

There was no reprieve tonight for the boys of SAMCRO as repercussions from the slaughter at Opie and Lyla’s wedding hit the Sons from both sides of the law. And in the middle of yet another impending gang war, the family drama is at its most strained with growing tension from all the lies that are about to be unraveled. If the sight of Gemma Teller being legitimately panicked, which doesn’t happen often, is any sign of what’s to come for the Teller-Morrow clan. Ultimately I believe the moral of this episode was, as it so often is in crime-tinged TV shows and movies, don’t ever anger the Russians.

The great thing about this episode was it didn’t shy away from any of the decisions that were made in the premiere. Jax still has every intention of leaving SAMCRO when he’s got enough of a nest egg built up to do so, and Clay is throwing himself full force into the role of a figure to truly be tangled with in their underworld of guns and drugs. Yes that’s right, they’ve now made a deal to become cocaine mules with the cartel they’re doing weapons business with. Had this sort of thing gone down before their jail stint, I’m pretty sure that there would be slightly less anxiety about it. The Sons never wanted to get into the drug business, but if all those bundles of cash had been put out on the table fourteen months earlier, I’m betting it wouldn’t have been such a hard sell. However Clay is really going to have to fight to get his crew with him on this deal and I like that while he’s becoming more of a prominent figure to other gangs in the area—this is also going to force him to pull rank more in his own club. Read More....


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