Doctor Who Photos: Episode 6.11 "The God Complex"

We'll be getting some new Doctor Who in just three days, when "The God Complex" airs on September 17. The episode, which I've noted is reminiscent of The Shining, sees the Doctor, Amy, and Rory landing in a mysterious hotel with shifting walls and rooms that contain their worst nightmares. On top of that sort of House of Leaves-ish scenario, we're faced with the fact that our heroes are being stalked through the hallways by a brutish minotaur, who looks like he wants nothing more than to chow down on our heroes.

There are some other characters frequenting this nightmarish hotel; David Walliams, for instance, plays Gibbis, a mole-like alien whose species is so submissive that they actually welcome new conquerers. Other various characters will also appear as victims trapped within the hotel. Read More...


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