Parenthood Episode 3.01 "I Don't Want to Do This Without You" Review

In some ways, tonight's third season premiere felt like a reboot, in that we got to witness the Braverman family desperately trying to move on after the chaotic end to last season. Even though five months may have passed on the show since Adam and Julia received several crushing blows while Crosby and Sarah seemed to finally be putting it together, the effects of everything that happened last spring are still lingering around each character like an unwanted specter.

Most notably, it seems to be sending Adam over the edge, as he spent "I Don't Want to Do This Without You" either sublimating his anger and eventually unloading or making a series of rash decisions that he may not have made otherwise. I understand that Adam is extremely restless after losing his job and I sympathize with the fact that he doesn't want to stock soda cans for a living after being a C.O.O., but he made two blunders that I couldn't quite understand. Here he has a (very, very pregnant wife) that just got a full-time job offer and he has to be extremely discouraging because it doesn't make enough money? While he's interviewing for jobs that are well below what he used to make, too? Couple that with a decision to go in with Crosby on a (trashed) old recording studio and you have to wonder if months of stress have pushed the normally conservative father of two into a make-or-break mindset regarding his finances. Read More...


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