'Parenthood': Welcome back!

I’ll get the superficial observation out of the way first: Oh, Haddie, what did you do to your hair? You strike me as the kind of girl who would have watched every season Felicity alone in your room when you were younger; did you learn nothing from Keri Russell’s disastrous season-two ‘do?

Now, on to better thoughts.Parenthood began its third season on Tuesday night with a bit of forward time-jumping. Since we last saw everyone, Kristina (Monica Potter) has become well and fully-rounded pregnant, while husband Adam (Peter Krause) is still unemployed and spending far too much time thinking about what he’ll have for lunch today. Amber (Mae Whitman), who’s done herself no more favors in the hair department than has Haddie (Sarah Ramos), is looking to get out from under the smothering wing of her mother and move into her own apartment. And speaking of Sarah (Lauren Graham), she’s turning 40, with the requisite big Braverman birthday party planned. Read More...



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