Ringer Premiere Review: We're Left With Many Questions

Ringer premiered on The CW last night and it hailed Sarah Michelle Gellar's return to television after a very long time.  Reading Twitter during the premiere yielded a mix bag of reactions to the new series.  Admittedly, the pilot was busy and heavy on exposition.  And, yes, the green screen effects weren't that great.  But I believe the show has potential and it seems like the storyline will slow down going forward, which is what the show needs.

In the series premiere last night, recovering drug user and federal witness Bridget decided the FBI couldn't protect her and disappeared to New York to reunite with her estranged sister, Siobhan.  After seeing Siobhan's glamorous and wealthy life (a life that kept Bridget's existence a secret from everyone), Bridget awoke on a boat to find Siobhan had disappeared.  While her motivations aren't entirely clear, Bridget made the split-second decision to assume her sister's identity in order to stay hidden. Read More....



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