The Secret Circle Show vs. the Books: What Are the Real Differences?

On September 15, executive producer Kevin Williamson will help introduce CW watchers to another book series by L.J. Smith that has been adapted into a television show: The Secret CircleThe Secret Circle will join The Vampire Diaries (the CW's highest rated show) on Thursday nights.  In some respects, the two shows are alike, which isn't surprising since the source material came from the same author.  They're both about high school kids, there's a young girl in the lead role, there's forbidden love and there's witches. Of course, the similarities between the two shows aren't endless and they are actually meant to inhabit separate universes (which, according to Williamson at Comic-Con, isn't really likely to lead to a cross-over).

But the real question that Secret Circle fans might be asking themselves is how the 2011 television differs from the original book series, first released in 1992.  Here's the truth: there are some big differences in terms of overall plot and characters. At the same time, however, there are similarities.  This is also how The Vampire Diaries played out.  But for those of you who are looking for some mild spoilers before tomorrow night's premiere, I've put together a little primer outlining both the differences and similarities between the television show and the books. Read More...


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