Ashley leaves on So You Think You Can Dance because of an injury

I was surprised to see who was in the bottom 3 of So You Think You Can Dance. Billy and Jose joined Ashley in the bottom three. Ashley was automatically in the bottom 3 because she couldn't perform due to an injury. I am sick of seeing yet another injury. This season has the most injuries. First Alex, then superstar Allison and now Ashley but at least Allison recovered from her injury. Ashley ends up going home because of her injury. But she will at least go on tour.

My bottom 3 was Ashley, Robert, and Adechike. I was way off for once. I was surprised to see Jose in the bottom 3. I predicted Billy has had the repetition to be in the bottom. He can't really get the viewers to vote for him. I adore him but I think he will have the same pattern as Melinda. Billy and Jose are both on thin ice. Billy needs to do something to avoid the bottom. And Jose needs to grow more with his dancing. Jose will do fine with his personality showing.


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