Season 12 Episode 241 Review: For The Sake of Pride! Byakuya vs. Renji

Ichigo finishes explaining the situation with Byakuya, but Renji and the other captains find it hard to believe that Byakuya betrayed them, and Ukitake has to break the news to Rukia. Things only get tougher when they learn that Zanpakutou cannot return to normal if they are destroyed by anyone other than their owner. Byakuya meanwhile arrives with Muramasa back at the Zanpakutou hideout, and everyone is suspicious of him. In order to get him to prove that he's on their side, Senbonzakura challenges Byakuya to kill Sode no Shirayuki(his sister's Zanpakutou), and to their surprise, he does so after a brief battle, breaking her blade in two with no hesitation. Given this, Muramasa decides to give Byakuya a special task. Back at the Sixth Division, Rukia dozes off thinking about her brother, and she senses him when she wakes up. The entire place is a mess, and he appears to be responsible for it. Even more devastating for Rukia though is when Senbonzakura arrives and tosses her the broken Sode no Shirayuki. Fortunately, Renji comes in to save Rukia, and Zabimaru comes to help Renji. Thus, while Renji tries to fight Byakuya and figure out what he's doing, Zabimaru fights against Senbonzakura. After an intense battle, Renji and Zabimaru eventually get defeated though, and Byakuya warns Rukia not to get involved. A group of the other Zanpakutou then show up to finish what Byakuya started, however more Shinigami led by Soifon arrive as well, including Ichigo.

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